LA National Park Trip
Los Alerces National Park field trip (Wednesday 24)

Field trip includes a visit to Río Arrayanes and Río Rivadavia Trails to walk in Nothofagus dombeyi forests and enjoy the beautiful landscapes, fungal diversity, lakes, mountains and native flora and fauna. It is a 70-km trip (about 2 hours) from Esquel, going through mountain roads. Along the trip native and introduced flora can be observed. The aim of this visit is to walk in the forest and identify the ecm funga present, several endemism, their associated hosts and other saprotroph and parasite edible Fungi. The trip offer several panoramic view of the valley and the National Park, beautiful cascades, huge lakes and different subantartic trees associations.
The trip continues with stops in different areas of the park to see some of the main touristic attraction and after that we will enjoy an “asado criollo” (traditional barbecue), as well as a variety of vegetables for those who prefer vegetarian food. After late lunch we will have traditional dances and shows.